Meet MTArt Agency commitee

Every month, the agency reviews 200 portfolios of artists. Our selection committee look for artists with innovative techniques, inspiring content and strong visions. 

Meet the MTArt Agency selection committee!

I look for artists that challenge me intellectually, spark a thought and an idea. In parallel, the aesthetic qualities must also surprise and delight!"

—  Jane Roscoe, Academic, Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of the Arts, University of the West of England 

As a young entrepreneur willing to be engaged for the common good, I favour artists whose mission is to raise awareness and contribute to it."

—  Pierre-Emmanuel Saint-Esprit, Young Collector, Co-founder & CEO Hello Zack 

Our goal is to collect young and talented artists with the " selfish" reason that we can follow and help with their promising career. Our selection reflects our aesthetic and philosophy of life."

—  Ari and Ann Rosenblatt, Established Collectors

I am looking for artworks which are likable and at the same time make me feel slightly uncomfortable."

—  Eric Guichard, MTArt Agency Investor and Collector  

I am inspired by the storytelling of exhibitions and I will focus especially on the way that the artist connects with the art historical narrative."

—  Bernadine Brocker Wieder, Vastari Founder & CEO, Young Collector  

From my perspective, public art must react to the issues and passion felt by the local community. I will look for individuals who care about the context of their art and are motivated by telling its story and keeping it relevant to the local area. These people can help to truly uplift and empower a community."

—  Georgie Street, Public Art Expert

There are two key things that draw me to selecting an artist. Firstly, it is an instinctive feeling. That’s what draws me in. Secondly, would be the curiosity to understand the artist’s practice through their motivation, and how we could translate that into legacy."

—  Halime Özdemir, Visual Arts Engagement Expert

I choose artist on potential, drive and ambition."

—  Katrina Aleksa, Art Events Expert