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Alison Heath has been pre-occupied with the City and our relationship to it for some time. She leaves the constraints of reality and instead creates a City located in the geography of the imagination where rules can be broken and our only restriction is our freedom to imagine.



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When we consider the City, we think about past and present, nature and culture, public and private. A City is known and unknown, real and imagined and perceived in a unique and individual way to each of us. In this investigation, she explores how external factors dictate and alter our movement through a space, physical constraints such as architecture but also social attributes that are inscribed onto our bodies; gender, class, race, disability and sexuality. Creating a window into this other world, which holds a resemblance to reality but hints at an alternative.



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We are never in one mind-set, focused on one thing but exist with many gaps and blurs. This is further enhanced within the City, its fast-paced existence pushes and pulls, informs and confuses. Standing on the line between these two states (real and imaginary) Alison offers a chance to escape the everyday and allow yourself the freedom to explore. The viewer becomes an observer of this City and are offered the opportunity to continue the narrative. Through her photography and photographic Silkscreen prints, she combines everyday urban imagery to highlight the incidental moments we overlook. Much of her work features the nocturnal City, abandoned by inhabitants or just a lone woman. Creating a tension between the seductive aesthetic and darker under tones of the City. Maps are broken down and reformed to create an alternative way of reading a space and new ways to inhabit and navigate the spaces are offered.



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Since completing her MA, Alison has exhibited extensively in a number of group shows in London, including at the Royal Academy of Arts, across Europe, the US and most recently, Tokyo, Japan.
Alongside her own practice Alison has obtained a PGCE from the University of Westminster in 2010 and teaches on Higher Education, Adult Education courses and community workshops.



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Alison is currently working on developing her mapping works and exploring ways to continue her investigation of the City with new media such as wood and Perspex.



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Alison is currently working on a project with Architects Teatum & Teatum to put on an exhibition in a temporary space they are developing. This project also aims to explore ways to curate one of the main street level spaces of the building to engage with the local community through Art, with a focus on the over 60s. Offering a space where the community can come together and share experiences and meet new people from all backgrounds and ages.