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David Aiu Servan-Schreiber's portrait

David Aiu Servan-Schreiber is a French visual artist working in London and Paris. He is represented by MTArt Agency. His artworks have been exhibited internationally (New-York, London, Paris...) in many prestigious spaces such as Sotheby’s and Rosewood London, Art Paris, etc.

Most if not all artists are influenced by their environment, the times they live in, when creating. But David Aiu Servan-Schreiber’s work is actually all about our environment, our times, our planet and the great dangers it is / we are facing.

Being conscious of where and how we live is at the very core of David’s life, thoughts, preoccupations and, therefore, art. Each of his artworks is not just influenced by but rather entirely dedicated to addressing the many issues our planet is confronted with. Every aspect of his work, whether the materials used, his creative process, the presence or absence of color, the use of fire, gold, wood, paint, mesh, resin, etc. is a vector of his constant awareness of the environmental threats we are struggling with. With each element bearing its own alchemical and compelling symbolism, these are the core materials that create a dialogue between us and his art.

His series Planets, which has gathered much attention since its inception, offers a magnetic contemplation amidst the hustle and bustle of our modern day lives.

The common theme that runs through the planet series is the eerie beauty of [planets in general and] planet Earth [in particular,] when seen from a distance. Throughout the series, textures, colors and background change but the effect is the same when watching them : a well needed moment to stop and reflect.

The new (already in demand) series, called Microcosm, acts almost as a counterpoint to the Planets series. This Earth is now looking deserted and scorched. A place where life seems to have disappeared. Its aesthetic approach to void, emptiness, to a planet where all form of life has disappeared is troubling, yet settling as a constant reminder that we are still capable of preventing the destruction of our own environment.





Oh-So-Arty, 17th September 2017

Anyone who follows us knows we love Instagram. Of course we enjoy being able to connect with our Oh So Arty followers through the app but it also provides an exciting new way to see what goes on behind the scenes in the art world. Just recently the legendary photographer Cindy Sherman made her Instagram public and gifted the world of social media with ...





2019 || Rosewood London, MTArt Agency, London

2019 || La Ruche, permanent installation at fondation Good Planet, Paris

2019 || Environmental Reflection, solo exhibition, MTArt Agency & Zari Gallery, London

2018 || To Hope, group exhibition, MTArt Agency, London

2018 || Art Paris art fair Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Paris

2018 || Affordable art fair Singapore Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Singapore

2018 || Affordable art fair Singapore Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Hong Kong

2018 || Rebecca Hossack Group show (permanent exhibition)

2018 || Sotheby’s summer exhibition

2018 || The Voice of a New Generation, MTArt Agency, New York

2017 || Arti Nyc gallery , NY

2017 || Sotheby’s summer selling exhibition (charity)

2017 || Royal academy of art charity sale.

2017 || Unfold, Group exhibition, MTArt Agency, London

2017 || Frieze Masters - Lodha booth

2017 || Spectrum Miami art fair

2016 || Royal academy of art charity sale.

2016 || Sotheby’s summer selling exhibition (charity)

2016 || Pomellato collaboration , original works exhibited in 24 different shops.

2016 || Solo show , Stephanie Hoppen Gallery London