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David Aiu Servan-Schreiber's portrait

What actions should we take as we see through this mirror planet? Artist David Aiu Servan Schreiber considers that human existence has to be part of nature and his consciousness. This inside-out approach to our environment challenges us to take action towards our Planet.



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His series Planets offer a magnetic contemplation amidst the hustle and bustle of our lives. A well needed moment to stop and reflect. To appreciate what is inside and around us, and gives us a golden chance to unearth life lessons and take action.
The primitive representation, as an integration of all parts, makes us assimilate both worlds in one. We recognize the external world as part of us and translate into reality the world within us.
Where is this emotional connection is leading us?



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Emotions are universal, and they are complex. Cognitive theories have shown that states of feeling can result in physical and psychological changes that influence our behaviour, so to be in touch with our emotions can fundamentally change us. Eventually, it's an emotional trigger that brings an action. David gives us a sense of wonder and inspire us to feel, and act accordingly.
Can these Planets lead us to our own revolution?
The serie Planets have the ability to evoke and communicate emotions and the ability to affect how we feel about ourselves or, our planet. Consequently, an invitation to answer the greatest, the most urgent question of our present time.
To explore the inextricable links between us and our environment, from our need to reach some kind of faith to lead our human behaviour in the world, and challenge the values by which we live. How come that we can connect so deeply with the symbol of a planet yet be so destructive towards our host?



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David has exhibited internationally - New York, London and Paris and in the most prestigious spaces: Sotheby’s, Frieze Art Fair and others.
Before embarking on the ‘planet’ series, David completed a series entitled ‘alphabet’. Based on the visual and graphical interpretation of the alphabet rather than an ordering of its letters, the works present his own personal expression of language and calligraphy.



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David is currently working on the expansion and extension of his ‘planet’ series.



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Upcoming projects concentrate on the wider issues covered by the ‘planet’ series. These include the consideration and impact on the attitude of the general public regarding religion and climate change. A new partnering of concepts that encourages a progressive, forward-thinking perspective and call to action.





Oh-So-Arty, 17th September 2017

Anyone who follows us knows we love Instagram. Of course we enjoy being able to connect with our Oh So Arty followers through the app but it also provides an exciting new way to see what goes on behind the scenes in the art world. Just recently the legendary photographer Cindy Sherman made her Instagram public and gifted the world of social media with ...





2019 || Rosewood London, MTArt Agency, London

2019 || La Ruche, permanent installation at fondation Good Planet, Paris

2019 || Environmental Reflection, solo exhibition, MTArt Agency & Zari Gallery, London

2018 || To Hope, group exhibition, MTArt Agency, London

2018 || Art Paris art fair Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Paris

2018 || Affordable art fair Singapore Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Singapore

2018 || Affordable art fair Singapore Rebecca Hossack Gallery, Hong Kong

2018 || Rebecca Hossack Group show (permanent exhibition)

2018 || Sotheby’s summer exhibition

2018 || The Voice of a New Generation, MTArt Agency, New York

2017 || Arti Nyc gallery , NY

2017 || Sotheby’s summer selling exhibition (charity)

2017 || Royal academy of art charity sale.

2017 || Unfold, Group exhibition, MTArt Agency, London

2017 || Frieze Masters - Lodha booth

2017 || Spectrum Miami art fair

2016 || Royal academy of art charity sale.

2016 || Sotheby’s summer selling exhibition (charity)

2016 || Pomellato collaboration , original works exhibited in 24 different shops.

2016 || Solo show , Stephanie Hoppen Gallery London