Ignacio Muv


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Ignacio Muv's portrait

Ignacio Muv addresses the potential of colours. His works present paint as tactile, sensory and virtual.



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His practice is the extension of constant experimentation, pushing the boundaries of paint to fabricate, twist and fold it into sculpture. Pigment is transformed to powder, powder to paint and paint to paint skin. The transformation from one state to another allows for the extension of material, where a particular method and environment allow paint to transform into fundament rather than to remain constricted as ancillary. Everything comes together to form an artwork made in an instant: an expression of time, dependant on the conditions of the moment.



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There is a strong element of paradox in Ignacio’s work, where something so intrinsically material, so tangible, so palpable can take on a spiritual dimension. The works reflect our own human selves: the paint our skin, the canvas our skeleton. Just as our human bodies age, wrinkle and adapt, so the organic paint cracks, stretches and changes in time. The artist’s constant ambition to reveal the spiritual through the material dimension is facilitated through his practice, where our ability to look behind the painting, as if being able to take off our own skin and see what lies beneath, is unparalleled in our own reality. It is a game of dismantlement, of breaking objects into elements, of being at once independent and dependent, at once an insight into the state of transformation and simultaneously a record of the now.



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Born and raised in Santiago de Chile, MV has degrees and certifications in Architecture, Gastronomy, Visual Arts and Illustration and Graphic Narration. He lives and works between Santiago de Chile and NY. Ignacio has exhibited his pieces in prominent art fairs and galleries across much of the Americas, mainly in the USA.



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NY has been his most important platform, where his work is present in different Collections. His pieces are currently shown in different countries including Germany, Italy, England, Australia and Kuwait.



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Currently is creating a new collection, ready to be displayed.