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Jasmine Pradissitto portrait

Jasmine Pradissitto’s Quantum Sculptures in light embrace the dual world of the Physicist and Artist.
Described as ‘holograms you can touch’, forms inspired by nature, the human condition and scientific breakthrough, are melted and reshaped from plastics into sculptures. They present a commentary on an Anthropocene world.



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As an artist and public speaker, Jasmine has often spoken about the ‘minestrone’ that exists in our subconscious: a life time of knowledge is thrown together and incubates while we continue to learn. The artist believes that as we practice for longer, the minestrone becomes fuller and richer, with more and more contributing ingredients, to the point that connection that previously eluded us suddenly become transparently obvious.
The current fascination with Neuro-aesthetics, AI, the next Tech and Biology Renaissance are testament to her opinions, confirming her beliefs.



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Using every-day, throw away transparent plastics inspired by geometry and natural forms, she melts and draws them out into new shapes to then light them. An innovative process, based on scientific and engineering processes, colour, through reflection and refraction, takes on a material, physical form that changes as you move around it. Plastic, like glass, has a natural, malleable aesthetic. By drawing alignments with quantum processes, anything from the photosynthesis of plants to the navigation of insects to Smart phones that have become virtual limbs, Jasmine questions that which is often overlooked. She explores the carbon technologies we use to create the plastics we use and the corresponding demise of other living, breathing ecological webs that we all too easily take for granted. Being a painter who sculpts means that Jasmine is forever changing her perspective. She stays as open as possible and is as much part of her creative process as the serendipity and chance integral to Quantum Theory.



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Based in South London, Jasmine’s path to art includes a Ph. D from UCL on the Quantum behaviour of silicon in fibre optics and she has also studied fine art at Goldsmiths College and Sir John Cass. She has had solo shows in London and Venice and been shortlisted for various prizes including the Threadneedle and Celeste. She has worked in the Tokyo and Hove Museums and has sold to various private collectors and hotels, including The Arches and The Corinthia in London. Recently she had an amazing response at Artrooms2017, had a piece made into a Hologram for Kinetica and is showing at Embodied with The Sciart Centre in New York in March.



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As well as continued public speaking on the creative thinking which can help us solve 21st century global issues, she is also working on a series of Quantum portraits of Future Thinkers and continuing her search for a ‘Brave New World’ aesthetic.






The Huffington Post, 16th November 2015

Last weekend Art Kinetica set up camp in the Hospital Club, London for a three day festival: Gravity. The festival and accompanying exhibition ties in with the 100th year anniversary of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and marks the start of a three month residency which will showcase the work of 17 ‘transdisciplinary’ artists.  ...





2006 - 2002 || Sir John Cass, London – BA (Hons) Fine Art (pt)

1995 - 1991 || University College, London - Ph.D. ‘Rare Earth Doping of Silicon’. Materials, physics, optics

1995 - 1993 || Goldsmiths College, London - Foundation in Art & Design



2018|| BREATH-Euston Town wellbeing walk, Sponsored by Alsitek NOXtec geopolymer, A public art piece for Camden people’s Theatre

2018 || Blue Dot, House of Vans, The Art and Science of Plastics

2018 || 508 Gallery Kings Road, Work inspired by Picasso

2018 || Chaiya ISBN Book, Where is god in the 21st century?

2018 || Uniqlo Tate Late, Tate Modern, Pillow Talk with SLWA, Being turned into an ISBN book

2018 || Milan Design Week, Fashion& Art, Atelier Eme, MTArt

2018 || Flux Events- Transcendence, Ugly Duck, London 

2018 || Anderson Contemporary, NY, Art 180, MTArt

2017 || The Voice of a Generation, The Quin, New York, MTArt

2017 || Unfold, London, MTArt

2017 || Clinic 2 Vi+min London, OXO Tower Wharf

2017 || ‘App Art and Sculpture Trail' | Surrey, UK 

2017 || ‘Embodied' | SciArt Centre, New York 

2017 || ‘10th Anniversary Group Show' | Kinetica Museum, London

2017 || ‘New Concept show' | Art Rooms, London

2016 || ‘Co-curator with SLWA & Goldsmiths WAL, BBC 100 Women, Tedx UCL' | Pillow Talk, Touring Show 

2016 || ‘Quantum Sculptures' | Flux, Truman Breweries 

2016 || ‘Quantum Sculptures for Utopia/Dystopia' | Bath Fringe Arts 

2016 || ‘Series of large metal prints from quantum sculptures' | Lewisham NHS Trust Residency 

2015 - 2016 || 'Shortlisted' | Amsterdam Light Festival 

2015 || 'Gravity' | Kinetica Museum, London 

2015 || ‘Eureka, A celebration of Science & Art' | The Art Pavilion, London 

2015 || ‘The Empathy Circuit' | The Brentwood Rd Gallery 

2015 || ‘Sci-Art Historian Prof Arthur Miller (Wrote Picasso and Einstein shortlisted for Pulitzer Prize)' | First Quantum portrait 

2014 - 2015 || ‘STEAM Fellowship' | Derby Silk Mill Museum

2013 || ‘Shortlisted' | APT, Creekside, Curator Paul Noble 

2012 || ‘Solo Show' | Galleria Pedrocchi, Padova 

2012 || ‘Solo Show' | Palazzo delle Prigioni, Venice 

2011 || ‘Light paintings' | Kinetica, London 

2011 || ‘Visiting Artist' | Portsmouth University 

2010 || ‘Light Art in Subterranean London' | Illumini, Hoxton 

2010 || ‘Precious-touring museum show' | Brighton And Hove Museum

2009 || ‘Solo Show curated by Trudie Stephenson' | Salon Gallery, London 

2009 || ‘3rd ko-ax 6 person show' | Mascells Gallery, Kent 

2008 || ‘Group Show' | Alpan Gallery, New York 

2008 || ‘Investigating the nature of line in science and art' | Collaboration With Portsmouth University

2007 || ‘Group Show' | Creekside Open 

2005 || ‘A collaboration to build two paint machines/installations looking at quantum mechanical representations of atoms' | Artist in residence,

London South Bank University



Tokyo Art Museum, Japan

Arches Hotel, London

Corinthia Hotel, London

The Institute of Education, London

London South Bank University, London

Vastari, London

Lewisham and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals, London

Hove Museum, Brighton

Federation Tower, Moscow

Private Collections, Worldwide



2015 || Silver Award for Painting | Masters International 

2012 || Shortlisted | Threadneedle Prize, London

2007 || 2nd Prize for Heisenberg Painting machine | Lautieri Moores, Cork St.

2006 || Shortlisted | The 2006 Celeste Painting Prize, Truman Brewery 

1993 || The Francis Martin Prize for Life Drawing | The Working Men’s College, London



2016 || ‘A crucial marriage in a post digital society-written with Vastari' | The International Interest Art and Technology 

2016 || ‘Interview on my work with Kim Wright' | Art2Art, Radio Swindon

2016 || ‘The Quantum Artist' | Documentary filmed by Crispin Hutton

2016 || ‘Interview as ‘A creator’' | Art The Science

2016 || ‘Joining the Connective Dots- A journey through science to art' | Interalia Magazine

2013 || ‘Interview on Quantum Paintings' | Visual Artbeat Magazine 

2016 || ‘New York Publication' | Poetry Nook 

2009 || ‘A piece on my Heisenberg Paintings' | 20x20 magazine 



The Francis Crick Institute

Imperial college and Synbicite

The Awareness Centre, London

Visiting Fellow on Creativity LSBU

The Department of Business And Innovation

The Engineering Club, London Creativity with Engineers

Future Forum, Creativity in Science with The IOP,

Art & Chemistry with The Royal Society of Chemistry

UK Arts & Science Prize

BBC Blast

Collider Science