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Jennifer Abessira curates visual narratives from contemporary culture.
Her works are aesthetic choreographies: they provide a meaning to an overload of images from the internet, social media, historical archives and political propaganda.



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Jennifer’s work is designed to plunge her audience into a violent and disorientating world of powerful imagery. The artist finds escapism through the Internet and there, being exposed to a plethora of images, Jennifer was able to apply her passion for collecting to virtual reality. Jennifer classifies her IPhone as her Studio and nurtures interchangeable tangible and cyber relationships.  As a result of a car accident, the artist was constrained to a hospital bed for three months. It was this imprisonment that allowed her to develop her vision, now a distinctive motif easily identifiable throughout her works.



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Jennifer’s oeuvre is an continuing cultural archive. Obsessed with Wi-Fi, flamingos and the colour pink, her practice is curated by personal impulse and selective aesthetic. The concept of episodic narrative permeates her creative approach: her work gives an insight into her lifestyle and her viewpoints.  Divided into various trajectories, her works can be considered research projects into contemporary psyche: check out #PINKDIFFERENTJEN, #EVERYTHINGISWIFI #ModernLifeIsRubbishVideosByJen.



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Jennifer has collaborated with fashion brands, photographers, musicians, filmmakers and magazines. In 2011, she collaborated with Vivienne Westwood on her project 100 Days of Active Resistance. More recently, Jennifer has collaborated with ITunes and Petite Meller, creating the cover image for the singer’s new album. Jennifer has exhibited her work with MTArt as part of Fragments Of during London Frieze 2015, with MTArt at Triumvirate in Brussels and spoken at MTArt conferences.



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Jennifer’s Elastique Project encapsulates her artistic vision. Started in 2011 as an investigation into the hyper reality of the Internet, it is an on-going multi-platform display of her works. Her photographs, displayed as diptychs, create associations between images that otherwise would never be paired or connected. Jennifer is also currently finishing a residency in Paris at the Cité Internationale des Arts that features a concluding exhibition, La Tangente, enabled by Impossible Project.



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Jennifer is directing her practice towards brand collaboration and digital research. Her immersive works and fresh, flexible approach to creativity perfectly reflects today’s immersive and virtually-led understanding of art.





Stylemag, 4th August 2015

Jennifer Abessira und Mayan Toledano teilen eine Leidenschaft: die Farbe Pink. Findet man diese in den Bildern der Fotografin aus Tel Aviv vorzugsweise im Punktformat auf ihre iPod-Aufnahmen collagiert, hat die amerikanische Modedesignerin die gedruckten Lettern der „Feminist“-Underwear von „Me and You“ in ein zartes Pink getaucht – und damit gleich einen weltweiten Hype um das gemeinsam mit ihrer besten Freundin ...


C-print, 2nd July 2015

Jennifer Abessira is a compelling mixed media artist based in Tel Aviv where she recently graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Absorbed by her ongoing Elastique project on social media, one arising from the Internet and dictated by the condition of not working in a studio which paves way for, as she says, a spontaneous approach towards making imagery, we got in touch with Jennifer to learn more. ...


Dazed, 10th April 2015

While we watch on as Soho is culturally flattened as the closure of some of its key (see: institutionall) venues hits an all-time high, a new opening is perhaps the last thing we thought we’d see. Defying this debasing of Soho is Soho Revue, a new contemporary art gallery opening on Greek Street with the aim to “get a bit of the old Soho back”. “By pushing the art scene away from the centre of London, the city faces the risk of losing its artistic ...



Born 1984 in Paris, France. Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.



2015 ||  MFA Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

2011 ||  M.A, Interdisciplinary Art, Faculty of the Arts in the University of Tel Aviv

2009 ||  Bauhaus School at Weimar, Dessau and Berlin in honor of 90 years of the Bauhaus movement

2008 ||  B.A, History and French Literature, Faculty of Humanities in the University of Tel Aviv


S O L O   E X H I B I T I O N S

2016 ||  LA TANGENTE | The Impossible Project space, Paris

2014 ||  WE LIVE AS WE DREAM - ALONE | Artstation Gallery, Tel Aviv

2012 ||  ELASTIQUE Curated by Boaz Aharonovitch | Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv


G R O U P   E X H I B I T I O N S

International Photography Festival | Jaffa Port & The Old City

Triumvirate | during Art Brussels 54 Rue Souveraine

Yesterday We Wanted To Be The Sky | Kamarade | Stockholm

Nothing Perishes | Soho Revue | London

The Disappearing of light | The Artists House | Tel Aviv

GOODS | Moby Museum | Bat Yam

PATCHBOX Project | 2nd Edition | Rome

La Culture #8 | Gordon2 | Tel Aviv

Time Is Love #6 | International Video Art Program curated by Kisito Assangni | Teheran - New York - Amsterdam - Bergen - Brussels - Spain

RANDOM | BAAD Reservoir | Bezalel Academy od Art & design | Tel-Aviv

Black Box Project | An outdoor exhibition on publicity signs | Jerusalem

Fresh Print | Feinberg Projects | Tel-Aviv

A Taste Exhibition | Essen Magazine at the Triennale | Milan

What’s Next? |Girlcore at KK Outlet | London

BAAD Influence  

THE IRRECONCILABLE | Curated by Guy Yanai Catalog

Jonas Wood | Tal R | Avner Ben Gal | Matt Phillips | Guy Yanai | at the Spaceship, Tel-Aviv

EAT | Group Show | a.m.a.t.a (Italian Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art)

BAAD Reservoir collection, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Tel Aviv

Possibility of a Book | Sommer Gallery - Tel Aviv | UNIVERSITY By Jennifer Abessira & Guy Yanai



2016 ||  La Cite International des Arts | Paris