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Zdenek Konvalina portrait

‘Movement’ is an appropriately fitting way to describe Konvalina’s work. His career as one of the world’s leading dancers gave him a comprehension and appreciation of the importance of subtlety and nuance that he has continued into his present artwork. His work is infused with social observations and personal experiences, capturing the viewer’s attention through graduated movement and shifting the crucial polarization of his colours. His use of spray paint as dominant method of application lends an evanescent quality this series. The very physical and repetitive nature of the creative process without doubt finds its genesis from his preceding career. Konvalina’s three-dimensional surfaces and transmutative effects engage not only a visual movement but also challenge movement within the observer. His most recent series ‘Displays’ is a reflection on contemporary digital lifestyles, of ‘screen life’ and the populist social emersion of culture into the ‘screen’. Commenting on its influences and how we perceive the world around us. His purposeful use of ‘3D surfaces’ in the panels alter the ‘light journey’ as the observation point changes, counterposing the digital world and forcing observer into the physical rather than the digital.



Brno Conservatoire Czech Republic - Bachelor's degree: Fine Arts|Performing Art 



2018 |The Other Art Fair - London

2017 | Live Performance/Painting with Guelph Symphony, Guelph, Canada

2017 | The Other Art Fair - London, UK

2017 | “Drop” - Set design for choreographic lab, Deutche Oper, Berlin, Germany

2016 | "New Paintings" group show, Hatch House, Somerset, UK

2015 | "It's Ok To Come In", Ealing, London, UK

2015 | "All possible realities Exist”, Ealing, London, UK

2010 | "Impermanence" - Maggio Musicale, Florence, Italy

2010 | "The Landscape" Four Seasons Performing Arts Centre, Toronto, Canada

2005 |  Group show, Montreal, Canada

2003 | "New Paintings",  Solo show, Houston, TX



2012 | National Dance Award, UK, London

2008 | The Rolex Award Toronto

2001 | National Dance Award, UK LondoGold Medal at International Ballet Competition Helsinki