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Leo Caillard portrait

Leo Caillard is an artist that plays with our relationship with time. Using anachronism, the artist wants us to reflect about the present in light of our past.



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Leo Caillard lives and works in Paris. He first fell for a grand passion towards science and observation. Yet, as he grew fascinated by the notion of time, he discovered the need for a conceptual and artistic response. He started studying at the Gobelins in 2006 and left to the USA shortly after to study the New York art scene. Personalities like Stephen Hawking really inspired him.



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It’s when the artist returns from the USA that his art starts making sense : he starts activating our our social routine in visual coding contrasting the past and present times. More than a simple inspiration, it’s an artistic movement that he wishes to create. A movement which is here to challenge our notions of identity in a fast moving society so that we can make a lasting impact on the generations to come. The artist wants us to look into our past to design a more powerful future.



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In 2009, he begins with a project reflecting on our use of digital visual coding in a museum setting. This project was derived from the fact that we see over 500 images per day (in comparison of 50 images back in 1960). The lifespam of a digital image is very short, a few hours barely on social media. He put this understanding of time in relation to the artworks in the museum who lasted a few centuries and called the series Art Game. Two years later, he creates his most pertinent work called Hispters in Stone where he dresses up classical sculptures so that we can better comprehend the difference of times between the two historical periods. Society changes but the great human questions remain and that’s this belief which guides the core essence of Leo Caillard’ works.



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For the past two years, the work of Leo Caillard is more and more engaged with in museum context. In March 2018, the artist contributed to te exhibition Classical Now at King’s College London alongside reknown artists Marc Quinn and Damien Hirst. Leo dressed up two enormous sculptures at the north entrance of King’s College London. The artist is currently exhibiting in Paris in all the public spaces of Bercy as he used augmented reality to create imaginery sculptures appearing on a series of empty pedestals. Two new series called Light Stone and Wave Stone question our relationship with reality via a discourse between light and stone, presence and absence, the tangibility of marble and the immaterial digital.



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Leo Caillard works currently on many different projects that question the same notions of time and identity but instead trying to make the installations more global, reaching wider demographics.
One of these projects is to create a series of notes, in partnership with a fiduciary group to obtain a powerful visual result. The aim is to challenge our notion of money and its core evolution in our society. The volumes of notes will be used in participative installations. They will highlight how ephemeral money can feel in contrast to more philosophical value systems. The audience will become an integral part of the project.






The Irish Time, 27th June 2018

For millennia, philosophers, thinkers and religious types have pondered the whereabouts of the seat of the soul. For a while it was thought to be in the appendix – essentially because people couldn’t come up with any other reason for our having one. If our souls do have a specific location (if they exist at all), most imagine them to reside somewhere in our heads. Soulful or not, heads have fascinated artists since art began ...





2019 || Parisian Airports Orly and Roissy - Art Installation in Partnership with the Louvre Museum

2019 || National Museum “ Saint Raymond “ Toulouse - “Age of Classics” - Contemporary Masters in Dialog with Antic.

2018 || Art Elysee - Sebastien Adrien Gallery - Paris - France

2018 || Public Exhibition - Saint Quentin - France

2018 || “Past Is Present”, MACM - Musee d’art Antique de Mougins - France

2018 || London King's College Public Installation - "Classical Now " exhibition - UK

2017 || National Museum of Contemporary Art MOCAK, Krakow, Poland

2017 || Gallery Adrien/Kavachnina, Solo Show, Paris, France

2016 || Gallery Adrien/Kavachnina, Solo Show, Paris, France

2016 || “In Museum”, Gallery 28 Matignon, Paris, France, March

2013 || Fotofever Art Fair, VICTORI CONTEMPORARY, Paris, France, November

2012 || “Miami Houses”, Latour Art space, Paris, France, June

2012 || “Art Game”, PriceWaterhouseCoopers Exhibition, Paris, France, March

2011 || Negatifplus Lab, June



2018 || Christie’s Education, United Kingdom

2018 || Dublin Castletown " On a Pedestal " Exhibition, Ireland

2017 || YIA Artfair - Gallery Sebastien Adrien - Paris, France

2017 || Art San Francisco & Art Busan South Korea - Nil Gallery, Paris, France

2016 || FIAC Grand Palais - Ateliers de moulage des musées Nationaux

2015 || Group show, gallery Adrien / Kavachnina , Paris , France

2014 || Group Show, Gallery 28 Matignon, Paris, France

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