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Neal Rock's portrait

Neal Rock explores the physical and historical limits of painting through a silicone paint medium he has used since graduate school. He improvises tools, and uses digital photography and screenprinting, to produce 3D wall-based works that have imagistic, sculptural and painterly qualities. Mutation and hybridity gained through repetitive processes comprise his daily studio activities. His approach to painting stems from an interest in duration, framed through subjects that range from cult horror B-movies to feminist theory and histories of gestural abstraction.



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Rock’s work has grown out an early fascination with paint, both its physical properties and in its ability to conjure images and sensibilities beyond the physical. Gaining his MFA at the end of the 1990s, his work has also been influenced by hybrid painting practices of that time — where artists looked to sculpture, architecture, film and other cultural disciplines to inform their painting practices — and a curiosity around painting’s limits and borders still remain evident today. Shifting relationships between physical and metaphysical concerns give context to his current interest in prosthetics and painting; where bodily modification and synthetic, plastic materials have altered how we think of ourselves and the environments within which many of us exist.



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Rock is committed to fostering painting’s ability to elicit curiosity and wonder; to delight in the visceral nature of being with art works, yet also in their ability to provoke questions and challenge assumptions about the relationship of artist to artwork, and how artworks reflect or participate in culture. In a time of information fluidity and the rapid pace of online visual streaming, he understands painting as having the potential for reflection and meditation, a slowing-down of our interpretive faculties. Painting can provide a different way of spending and understanding time, offering ruminative spaces that encourage both critical thinking and joy.



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Rock’s work came to prominence in the early 2000s with extruded silicone confections that inhabited gallery walls in fragmentary wall installations and assemblages. His work has been exhibited extensively across Europe and the US at venues such as the ICA, London; Royal Academy of Art, London; Albright Knox, Buffalo NY; Contemporary Art Museum Houston. His work was included in the 2007 Jerwood Contemporary Painters; 2014 John Moores Painting Prize; 2015 Bloomberg New Contemporaries; 2016 XL Catlin Art Prize.



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After recently completing a residency at Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, NY, Rock is currently developing a new body of work that focuses on the interplay between drawing as a subtractive process and screen-printed digital imagery. These images are at once pattern, image and surface, Rock is interested in exploring the relationship between drawing as image destruction and form creation.



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Through his studio practice, research and writing, Rock is looking to further explore what he terms, a prosthetic condition of painting. For future projects he is researching the motion capture technology developed by Lillian and Frank Gilbeth, specifically the research Lillian Gilbreth undertook in medical, bodily prosthetics.






2017 || PhD. Painting (by-practice). Royal College of Art. UK

2000||  MFA. Central Saint Martins School of Art & Design. UK

1999 || BFA (Hons) Painting. University of Gloucestershire. UK

1998 || Erasmus Scholarship. Ecole de Beaux Arts de Lyon. France



2017 || Yaddo. Artist in residence. NY

2017 || Studios at MASS MoCA. Artist in Residence. MA

2016 || XL Catlin Art Prize. London. (finalist)

2015-16 || Grant Wood Painting Fellowship. University of Iowa. IA

2007 || Jerwood Contemporary Painters. (joint prize winner)

2007 ||  Artist in Residence. University of Nevada Las Vegas. NV

2004 || British Council Award to Artists

2004 || Wales Art International Grant

2001 ||  Virginia Centre for the Creative Arts Fellowship. VA



2016 || Grant Wood Fellowship. University of Iowa Museum of art. Iowa City

2015 || Bloomberg New Contemporaries. ICA. London

2014 || John Moores Painting Prize. Walker Art Gallery. Liverpool

2009 || Fanestra & Other Works. The New Art Gallery Walsall. UK. (solo)

2007 || Jerwood Contemporary Painters. Jerwood Space, London & The Lowry, Manchester

2005 || Extreme Abstraction. The Albright Knox. Buffalo, NY

2005 || Flourish. Moravia Museum. Brno, Czech Republic

2004 || Landscape Confection. Curated by Helen Molesworth; Wexner Center for the Arts. Columbus, Ohio - Contemporary Art Museum Houston, Texas - Orange County Museum of Art, California

2004 || Expander. Royal Academy of Arts. London



2015 || Herm 0515. Galerie particulière / Foucher-Biousse. Paris

2014 || Herm 0714. Loudhailer. Los Angeles

2012 || Velum. Kunstverein Heppenheim. Germany

2010 || Fanestra and Other Works. Mihai Nicodim Gallery. Los Angeles

2006 || Pingere Triptych. Grand Arts. Kansas City, Missouri

2006 || Neal Rock. Torch Gallery. Amsterdam

2006 || Hydan Project. fa projects. London

2005 || Faith Culture. Kontainer Gallery. Los Angeles

2004 || Work from the Polari Range. Henry Urbach Architecture. New York. NY

2003 || Work from the Polari Range. fa projects. London



2017 || Mardi Gras Requiem. Project Space Plus Gallery. Lincoln, UK

2016 || Perfectionism III. Griffin Gallery. London

2016 || Catlin Art Prize. London/Newcastle Project Space. London

2016 || Polymer. Fold Gallery. London

2016 || El Dorado. Horatio Jr. London

2014 || Painting about Painting. Simmons & Simmons. London (Cat)

2014 || Greece. LBCC Gallery. Long Beach, California

2014 || (Detail). Curated by Andrew Bracey. H Project Space, Bangkok &

2014 || Transition Gallery, London & The Usher Gallery, Lincoln, UK

2014 || FleurduMal. Lion & Lamb Gallery & Charlie Smith Gallery. London

2014 || Herm 0714a. Post Gallery. Los Angeles

2013 || Beautiful Things. A & D Space. Liverpool. UK

2013 || Terminus. With Jack Brindley. Hockney Gallery. London

2013 || Slow is Smooth is Fast. Boetzelaer Nispen Gallery. Amsterdam

2013 || London Art Projects. Edel Assanti Gallery. London

2012 || Happening. LACE. Los Angeles

2012 || Lethic. Neal Rock & Philipp Haager. Strzelski Gallery. Stuttgart

2011 || By Chromed Hooves It Travels Now. Annie Wharton Art & Video. Los Angeles

2011 || Synthetic Real. Edel Assanti Gallery. London

2010 || Desire is a Golden Carrot. The Albion. London

2010 || The Manchester Contemporary. Mermaid & Monster. Manchester

2010 || A Harmonious Mix of Objects. Mihai Nicodim Gallery. Los Angeles

2010 || 07/05/10. Post Gallery. Los Angeles

2009 || I've Watered a Horseshoe As If Were A Flower. Mihai Nicodim Gallery. Los Angeles

2009 || Art LA International Art Fair. Mihai Nicodim Gallery. Los Angeles

2009 || Seduction of Blossom. Long Beach City College Art Gallery. Long Beach. California

2008 || Mermaid & Monster. Contemporary Art Society. London

2008 || Open Space. Art Cologne. Curated by Dan Hug. Kontainer Gallery. Cologne

2008 || Dream(Land). Jail Gallery. Los Angeles

2007 || The Lucifer Effect. Curated by Gordon Cheung. Gallery Primo Alonso. London

2007 || Get It Louder. Curated by Newbetter & the British Council

2007 || Guangzhou, Shanghai & Beijing. China (Cat)

2006 || Can Buildings Curate. Galerie Lucy Mackintosh. Switzerland

2006 || Dubai. Kontainer Gallery. Los Angeles

2006 || Gastrophoria. Pump House Gallery London. Curated by Andreas Leventis

2005 || Art Basel Miami. Henry Urbach Architecture. Miami, Florida

2005 || Can Buildings Curate. Architectural Association London &

2005 || StoreFront for Art and Architecture. New York. NY

2005 || Rudiments of Ornamental Composition. LOT. Bristol

2005 || Group Show. Rodolphe Janssen Gallery. Brussels

2005 || Armory Show. Henry Urbach Architecture. New York. NY

2005 || Air Borne. Henry Urbach Architecture. New York. NY

2005 || The Nature of Things. Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Birmingham (cat)

2004 || Paradisiaco. DomoBaal. London

2004 || Art Basel Miami. Henry Urbach Architecture. Miami. Florida

2004 || Live Forever or Die Trying. Curated by Twan Janssen. Torch gallery. Amsterdam

2004 || Pleasure Garden. Nottingham Castle & Art Gallery. Nottingham

2004 || Tonight. Studio Voltaire. London

2004 || Cinderella. Tower Bridge Business Complex. London

2004 || Collezione1. Isabella Brancolini Contemporary - Curated by Stephen Hepworth. Florence. Italy

2004 || Eyeful. Millais Gallery. Southampton

2004 || One Day. Corridor Gallery. Reykjavik. Iceland

2003 || Physical World. APT London

2003 || Growth Company. With Hillary Bleecker. Kontainer Gallery. Los Angeles

2002 || Painting Class. Lethaby Gallery. London

2002 || Island. 77 gallery. London

2001 || Schism. Pelican House. London

2000 || Young Wales V. Royal Cambrian Academy. North Wales



2014 || Finding A Form. PØST. Los Angeles

Artists: Cody Trepte, Christopher Miles, Yelena Popova, Michael Freeman, Jack Brindley,Rachelle Rojany

2014 || Tender Buttons. Hockney Gallery. London

Artists: David Cyrus-Smith, Derek Boshier, Pearl C. Hsiung, Melanie Counsell, Karen Lofgren, Christopher Oliveria, Katrin Hanusch

2007 || Viva Curandero. Kontainer (now Nicodim Gallery). Los Angeles

Artists: Rosha Yaghmai, Magali Reus, Dan Coombes, Ciprian Muresan

2007 || Near Dark. Donna Beam Gallery. Las Vegas, Nevada

Artists: Pearl C. Hsiung, Dennis Hollingsworth, Stephen Hendee, Carolyn Castaño

2005 || But not as we know it. Co-curated with Deirdre King. APT Gallery, London & Kontainer, Los Angeles. Supported by the British Council.

Artists: David Burrows, Deirdre King, John Chilver, Jo Bruton, Twan Janssen, Jimmy Dyer, Dan Coombes, Peter Lamb, Luke Gottelier, Craig Fisher

2003 || Temporary Fiction. Transition gallery. London

Artists: Deirdre King, Danny Rolph, Peter Lamb, David Burrows, Hew Locke

2003 || Painting Practices. 77 gallery. London

Artists: Bob Matthews, Jost Munster, Luke Caulfield, Roland Hicks



2016 || Art and Social Justice. Public Lecture. University of Iowa Museum of Art. Iowa City. USA

2014 || Paint in an Expanded Field. School of Fine Art - Friday Event. Glasgow School of art. UK

2014 || Painting About Painting. Panel Discussion. Simmons & Simmons, UK. with artists; Andrea Medjesi-Jones, Alex Gough, Andrew Hewish. Chaired by David Stone

2013 || Professional Practice. Public lecture. Royal College of Art. UK

2011 || Art & Professional Practice. Public Lecture. Wimbledon School of Art. UK

2010 || Painting as a Material Practice. Symposium & panel discussion; With David Rayson RCA, Katie Pratt & Jo Bruton. University of Wolverhampton. UK

2010 || Expanded Paint. Public Lecture. Birmingham Institute of Art & Design. UK

2009 || Fanestra & Other Works. Public lecture. The New Art Gallery Walsall. UK

2007 || Near Dark. Exhibition lecture and discussion. Donna Beam Gallery. UNLV. USA

2007 || Get It Louder. Artist Lecture & panel discussion. With Gavin Wade & Celine Condorelli; Organised by Newbetter & the British Council. Shanghai, China

2006 || Polari Range & Faith Culture. Public lecture. University of Gloucestershire. UK

2005 || Polari Range & Faith Culture. Public lecture. Metropolitan University. UK

2004 || Polari Range & Faith Culture. Public lecture. Central St Martins School of Art & Design. UK



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