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Ryan Frank portrait

Ryan’s work inserts backlit landscape photographs into architectural spaces, such as building windows and doorways, creating faux views within urban environments. The work challenges the barriers between public and private space, connects nature to architecture, and invites viewers to psychologically escape a space without physically leaving it.



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Over the past several years artist Ryan Frank has used windows as a found architectural frame for his landscape photographs, creating faux views within urban environments. He prints his photographs on a transparent material and place them within existing panes of glass. The images are illuminated by the sun or ambient light, making them similar to stained glass using photographic materials. These installations are an engagement with the world around them. They are a counterpoint to the monetization of urban space and also have an equalizing effect on buildings - they integrate nature within architecture and remind us of the earth’s higher power, what came before and what will come after us. When an image or series of landscape photographs is fragmented across the windows of adjacent buildings, it connects the buildings together, bridging the gaps between them and transcending the barriers they impose upon us.



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Windows are an entry point between public and private space, a means of display and voyeurism, a peek into what is desired. From the inside we use windows to find out information about the outside world: the weather, the time of day, the activities and events of others. From the exterior they function as a reflective surface, mirroring the viewer and what lies behind them, creating complex layers of imagery taken from both sides of the glass. Windows are also a means of expression, displaying our values and aspirations. In urban centers, in lieu of car bumper stickers or front lawn signs, windows are often spaces for political engagement and activism -- a venue for expression and communication between neighbors and citizens.



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Ryan’s past public installations and gallery exhibitions include solo shows at the Invisible Dog Art Center, the Lilac Preservation Project, and the Mattatuck Museum. His unique combination of photography and sculpture has resulted in a series of works that take a wide array of forms including cinderblocks, shipping pallets, curtains, doorways and most recently, windows. In 2017 he completed a large-scale permanent window installation for a collector in Paris and since then has completed two public window installations in Brooklyn. In the fall of 2015 his public project A Wandering Sukkah toured throughout New York City to much acclaim, stopping at venues including the Queens Museum, the Bronx Museum and the Jewish Museum.



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In the fall of 2018 Ryan will present his solo project Trash Portraits at the Children’s Museum of Art in New York. Ryan’s future projects will consist of more extensive photo-based installations within windows and other found, architectural forms. While most of his past window projects have used landscape imagery, he’s begun to explore figurative subjects in his photographs and plans to experiment with these images in future installations. In addition, he will incorporate performance as a means of revealing the window installations with live bodies and light.




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Born 1981, Sacramento, CA. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY .



2011 || Curatorial Intensive, Independent Curators International

2008 || International Center for Photography, Continuing Education, Digital Photography

2006 || School of Visual Art, Continuing Education, Sculpture and Digital Media 

2004 || B.F.A. Fine Art & Theatre, New York University



2017 || Weathered & Splintered, Lilac Preservation Project, NYC

2016 || Radur Thradur, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

2014 || Balance Beam, The Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT

2013 || Handmade Frames, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY



2017 || Vagabond Time Killers, The Wassaic Project, Wassaic, NY

2016 || Wonderland, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

2016 || Electrique, The Hollows, Brooklyn, NY

2016 || Permeate the House, The Hollows, Brooklyn, NY

2015 || Staves, Gussets, Laths, Tenons, The Hollows, Brooklyn, NY

2015 || Vroom Vroom, Outlet Fine Art, Brooklyn, NY

2015 || Time, Compressed Time, Art + Lounge, Newark International Airport

2015 || Oblique Strategies, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

2015 || Future Origins, Gallery Rene Mele, Brooklyn, NY

2014 || Wonderland, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

2014 || Seeing the Sky, The Wassaic Project, Wassaic, NY

2014 || Place, The Re Institute, Millerton, NY

2014 || Hive, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

2013 || Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY

2013 || Heavy Equipment, CR-10, Linlithgo, NY

2012 || Photos of Things Next To Me, Re Institute, Millerton, NY

2012 || Stuck On You, Recession Art at CultureFix, New York, NY

2011 || American Idolatry, Recession Art, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

2011 || Art & Lies, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

2011 || So Zik!, Ober Gallery, Kent, CT

2010 || What is the Where?, Recession Art, The Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY

2010 || Bestiary, The Wassaic Project, Wassaic, NY

2009 || DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival, Brooklyn NY

2009 || Work To Do, 112 Greene Street, New York NY

2008 || Crest Art Show, Crest Hardware, Brooklyn, NY

2008 || Super Combo, Chashama, New York, NY

2008 || Mighty Tanaka B.O.S. Show, The Nut Roaster, Brooklyn, NY

2007 || The YAS Show, Houghton Gallery, Cooper Union, New York, NY

2007 || B.O.S. Show, The Nut Roaster, Brooklyn, NY

2006 || Loading Bays, Fashion BID Arts Festival, New York, NY

2006 || The Glass Project -- Chapter One: The Bathroom, Chashama, New York, NY



A Wandering Sukkah, Public Project with Danielle Durchslag, Presented by The Invisible Dog

47 Square Dances, Performance with Laurie Berg, The Mattatuck Museum

These Specific Points, Performance with Katie Rose McLaughlin, The Invisible Dog



2016 || I Like the Sound of That, Artspace New Haven

2015 || A Very Anxious Feeling, The Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT

2013 || Assembly Required: A Sukkah Salon, New York

2011 || Ode Hotel, The Wassaic Project, Wassaic, NY

2011 || Reflective Landscape, The Granary, Sharon, CT 2011

2010 || Used Books, Winkleman Gallery Curatorial Research Lab, New York

2009 || My Eyes, Ad Nauseam Lyceum at Chashama, New York

2008 || Domestic Skin, Ad Nauseam Lyceum at Chashama, New York

2008 || Big, White, Institutionalized Box, Ad Nauseam Lyceum at Chashama, New York

2008 || Another Last Year, Ad Nauseam Lyceum at Explosivo/Chashama, New York

2007 || Pageant: A Holiday of Atrocities, Ad Nauseam Lyceum at Studio 717, New York



2015 || SIM International Artist Residency, Reykjavik, Iceland

2010 - 2011 || The Wassaic Project Artist Residency

2008 || Chashama Curatorial Residency

2007 - 2009 || Chashama Studio Residency



SAM Art Projects, Paris, France

The Mattatuck Museum, Waterbury, CT

The Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn, NY

The Granary, Sharon, CT

Demos, New York, NY



2016 || The Present Image, The Hollows, Brooklyn, NY

2015 || Please Use Service Entrance, The Hollows, Brooklyn, NY

2014 || Living and Sustaining a Creative Life, moderated by Sharon Louden, Real Art Ways

2013 || Connect: Artists + Community, Emerge Art Fair

2011 || Art&Lies: Artist Talk, The Invisible Dog

2010 || Young Curator Panel, Recession Art