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David Servan-Schreiber's portrait

David Aiu Servan Schreiber wants his art to be a tribute to our most tangible asset as a human community: planet earth. The artist strongly believes that we oversee the beauty and the needs we have from the earth that brought us to life.



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Using his works as a mean to do so, the artist wishes for us to rebuild a stronger emotional connection with our tangible soil which has generated the present moment in which we live in. His artworks are a constant homage that the artist pays to the only thing he believes in: our breathtaking planet. While most religions base themselves upon an uncertain future, the artist wants you to refocus on a present moment that we would want to pass on to the next generation: the little things that we got provided with since we are born from the trees to the air etc.



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The artist is concerned that we are not looking after our ‘host’, the planet, well enough. His works are here to draw awareness to this issue: from the cement he uses for his planets which are a direct reminder of how much cement we covered the earth with to the name of his latest series, Raoni, after the living symbol of the fight for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. The imprint of each material he uses in his art is for you, the viewer, to be drawn in and later challenged on your direct responsibility towards looking after our planet earth. The gold leaf is what earth does most beautifully, without any chemistry, and is here to highlight how beautiful and powerful our environment is.While we may look upon the environmental issue as an abstract concept and something too big to relate personally with, the artist makes sincere and powerful artworks carrying this meaningful idea to engage each of us, and make us believe in the necessity to act towards more sustainable measures. Through his art, David is able to transform this personal belief to a universal cause.



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Before embarking on the ‘planet’ series, David completed a series entitled ‘alphabet’. Based on the visual and graphical interpretation of the alphabet rather than an ordering of its letters, the works present his own personal expression of language and calligraphy.



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David is currently working on the expansion and extension of his ‘planet’ series.



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Upcoming projects concentrate on the wider issues covered by the ‘planet’ series. These include the consideration and impact on the attitude of the general public regarding religion and climate change. A new partnering of concepts that encourages a progressive, forward-thinking perspective and call to action.