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Marine Hardeman's portrait

Artist Marine Hardeman seeks to create a dialogue between the visual arts and architecture. After studying both practices, Hardeman was inspired to create a series of immersive installations, from architectural design to displaying artworks within structures. Her artworks also bear an architectural aesthetic with regards to their spatial design.



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Marine Hardeman is both an artist and an architect. Her art installations encompass these two practices, inviting the viewer to step into a very unique world when interacting with them.



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Hardeman creates her art installations by continuously experimenting with architectural elements like ceilings, floorings, or walls. She imposes a new perspective, combining innovative uses of spaces with novel aesthetics against banal interiors. Hardeman can do so with pots of paints, inks from China, mirrored surfaces, etc. Her practice aims to destroy the existing and contrived spaces to help us see the world from a different angle. A single space can become multiple other spaces.



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Her work Infini was installed in Brussels in 2016 during the second edition of the contemporary art Biennale in plein air. Infini was composed of two mirrored surface sculptures that were dialoguing with each other from each side of the river, creating a reflective effect and conversations with the sky, the lake, and the viewers.



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Marine Hardeman is currently creating an art installation for the festival, Art Night. Sewer drains are everyday elements that exist in urban spaces that we barely notice. The project of Hardeman literally highlights what exists under our feet in the underground of the city. Hardeman does so by playing with the contrast of light and dark through a graphic play of light bursting through several horizontal and vertical installations from the sewer drains below.