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Champ de Mars, Paris | 3rd June - 15th June, 2019

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Saype | Beyond Walls

MTArt Agency and its artist Saype are proud to be launching THE biggest public art painting!
Supported by the Mayor of Paris.


Champ de Mars
2 Allée Adrienne Lecouvreur, 75007 Paris


3rd June - 15th June 2019



In a polarised world where mental and physical walls are being erected, Saype launches the largest human chain ever created. Beyond Walls project shows interlaced hands united in a common effort for every human individuality to be granted rights of way and civil ones. The project conveys a universal message of a plural humanity.



The Champ de Mars fresco will be presented on June 2019 and will mark the beginning of a 3 year project visible in 20 international big cities (Geneva, Berlin, London, Belfast, Buenos Aires, etc.).



For several years, the artist has been supporting SOS Méditerranée. Trained as a medic, SAYPE is particularly sensitive to the cause defended by the association. In 2018, he realised a biodegradable fresco in Geneva in order to raise awareness on the organisation.

The hands of Beyond Walls are inspired from photos taken of rescuers and volunteers, and pay tribute to the association’s work.



SAYPE is an emerging artist supported by MTArt Agency, a talent agency helping a new generation of artists in

establishing a solid reputation, inspiring audiences and sending strong messages. SAYPE is recognised as a pioneer of a new Land Art movement conveying social values.

Since 2013, the artist has been painting gigantic frescoes on grass with a 100% biodegradable and sustainable paint he created with natural pigments (chalk and charcoal). In 2019 he was appointed as one of the most influential personalities of the cultural world by Forbes (30 under 30). His reputation is gaining a strong credibility in the art industry. In 2018 he gathered 300 international articles and more 150 millions views.

Passionate about philosophy and reflections that one could call “existential”, his paintings most often explore questions about the human being.







Founded in 2006 in the United States, the B Corp label and community now cover more than 60 countries. This global movement is driven by companies wanting to reconcile profit and purpose and ensure a positive impact on society and the planet. Certified companies range in size and industry sector. Through their business model, they all share the vision and willingness not to be the best IN the world but the best FOR the world. They include iconic & engaged brands such as Patagonia, Natura, Alessi or Ecover, but also startups such as Fairphone, and Kickstarter.

In France, the B Corp movement was launched by Utopies, a consulting firm first certified in 2014. More than a hundred companies have been certified since, including Nature & Découvertes, La Ruche qui Dit Oui, Ulule, Blédina, Veja, Bjorg Bonneterre & Cie, Big Mamma, Les Deux Vaches, Expanscience, Davidson, Microdon, Sidièse, Birdeo etc.

This unique community – bringing together historical stakeholders within sustainable development, startups in the social economy, leading organic brands, impact investment funds and landmark organizations in the circular and inclusive economy – shares common beliefs with Saype and its "Beyond Walls" project.

While the B Lab France association is being created, this artistic partnership with Saype, whose outcome is to be seen in the world’s largest capitals starting with Paris, comes at the right time to celebrate the values of mutual assistance, diversity and interdependence, central to the B Corp community.





The project will run 3rd June – 15th June 2019 and it will feature MTArt artist Saype. For any information about the exhibition contact

Beyond Walls: huge biodegradable artwork with holding hands at the foot of The Eiffer Tower, Paris
 Beyond Walls: huge biodegradable artwork with holding hands along the park Champ de Mars in Paris


600 metres long x 25 metres wide (about 15,000 m2)

Biodegradable paint created by artist with natural pigments


Champ de Mars, Paris| 3rd June - 15th June, 2019 


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