ONI is collaborating with artists Shuster+Moseley for a project that combines art and science

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Brain Gazing

Brain Gazing is a not-for-profit project that combines art and science to explore the power of
the very small in understanding complex systems like our brain.

ONI is collaborating with London-based artists Shuster + Moseley, a conceptual art studio whose work reflects on consciousness and technology. The artists are represented by MTArt Agency, an award winning talent agency which represents the top visual artists. Shuster + Moseley previously collaborated with scientists for What matters, part of Lumiere Durham 2017.


Filmmaker Guy Loftus from Tabac Creative is documenting the AIR process and meetings between artists and scientist. We will present a 10-minute video showing the process behind the creation of the artwork that will feature in the exhibit and media channels.


We have enlisted a team of scientists: London-based Prof Bart De Strooper, Cambridge-based Dr Gabrielle Kaminski and Prof Clemens Kaminski, and Oxford-based Dr Hazel Hall-Roberts working on different aspects of neuroscience research, which are working with us to ensure that the exhibit illustrates accurate scientific data and the molecular hallmarks of brain function.


Artists in Residence Shuster + Moseley visiting the ONI lab during May 2019 and being shown the Nanoimager by ONI Imaging Scientist Dr Blanka Kellermayer

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