73 Newman Street, London W1T 3EJ | 12th March – 26th March, 2019

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Environmental Reflection

What actions are we taking each day to look after our planet? If at all?
What legacy will remain? What will be our consequence?


Zari Gallery
73 Newman Street, London W1FT 3EJ

Private View

13th March 2019, 6.30 - 8.30pm


12th March - 26th March 2019

David Aiu Servan Schreiber cares about the future of our Earth and especially in that of one which we will share with our children, grand children and great grand children and for the many generations to come.  What legacy will remain? What will be our consequence? Or will there be any recompense? This is something that concerns him greatly.


For this exhibition, we will begin by showcasing the acclaimed series Planets. A series which has not only gathered much traction since its conception by not only selling to some of the most prestigious art collectors during Frieze week in London, but is playing host to a steady and growing following across the globe! Deeming this an incredibly exciting time in the artists career.


By conceptualising the cause and effect of humanities actions: Schreiber eloquently depicts the Earth from afar, subtly drawing our attention to the larger and more grandiose  scale of our interference, aiming to ignite our consciousness to the callous and unfortunate fact that we are slowly destroying the only home that we have. Our planet.


Following on from the successful Planet series, the artist created the Raoni series. Raoni aims to look more specifically at the cataclysmic effects of our actions towards Earth.


The title Raoni takes inspiration from Raoni Metuktire also widely known as Chief Raoni, of the indigenous Kayapo people in Brazil. He is an internationally acclaimed activist for the preservation of the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous culture. It is in this presentation that the artist wanted to evoke an element of surprise and further challenge us. Has he succeeded in doing this? Very much so.


So, what to do we expect to see from the artist this month ? While cautious not to give away too much, we don’t want to ruin the surprises either. What is important for David is that we start looking closer, just under our noses in fact.


This next series is called Microcosm. This Earth is now looking deserted and burnt. A place where life seems to have disappeared. Along with our hopes too.. 

There is an urgency. This series will aim to guide us toward a mirror where our reflection appears with the Earth, a direct reminder that these two fates intertwined.


Wood, fire, gold, paint, glass… With each element bearing its own alchemical and compelling discourse through time. These are the core materials you can expect to see in dialogue with his art. It is raw, it is tangible, and it is noble. It’s our earth and we hope you start to care, because we do.



The exhibition will run 12th March – 26th March 2019 and it will feature MTArt artist David Aiu Servan-Schreiber. For any information about the exhibition contact info@mtart.agency.


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