Make Space with Clemence Vazard and Adelaide Damoah @ Regent's Place Make Space with Clemence Vazard and Adelaide Damoah @ Regent's Place


17-19 Triton St, London NW1 3BF | 11th March – 29th March, 2019

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Euston Town launches MAKE SPACE, using creative take overs
of vacant space to uplift the local area.


Regent's Place
17-19 Triton St, London NW1 3BF


11th March - 29th March 2019

The first program ‘Hope for Tomorrow’ located at Regent’s Place will feature exhibitions, performances and workshops that inspire us to think differently about our current challenges, and how we hope our cities develop.


Euston Town today announces the launch of MAKE SPACE – a scheme using networks and partnerships to identify opportunities in Euston for artistic interventions, driving footfall to the area and inviting a new audience to explore.


Hope for Tomorrow is the first MAKE SPACE, which will be located at 17-19 Triton Street, Regent’s Place, the busy work and social hub located between King’s Cross and the West End. The three-week program brings together artists, academics, social campaigners and experts to explore contemporary issues, using exhibitions, panels and workshops to encourage audiences to reimagine how our future cities might adapt and take shape.


Exhibitions will run throughout, focusing on gender equality, displacement, identity and technology. Artists have been selected for their insightful work that helps us to explore further the narrative of Hope for Tomorrow. A collective exhibition with the subtitle This is not a Funeral will take place alongside My First Harassment, complemented by a performance by body printing artists Adelaide Damoah on the March 13 launch evening.


The art will be accompanied by a range of workshops and panel discussions which invite a more immersive participation. These range from a female empowerment class to a photography workshop. Panel discussions will bring together industry experts to give fascinating insight to climate change technology, the future of art and design in cities, and homelessness. The program intends to invite all stakeholders from the local community to take part and contribute to the ongoing discussions, enjoying new mediums of art and help to shape their own ambitions and dreams for the future of our city.




Art exhibitions open throughout the three weeks, showcasing work from: Clémence Vazard, Olive Branch Arts, Emma Brow, Hamed Maiye, Azekel, Rochelle White and Lilian Nejatpour



11th March: Photography class with Oliver Branch Arts

12th March: A presentation of works by Paul Atherton

13th March: Launch event including performance by Adelaide Damoah

14th March: Streetwise Opera

20th March: Olive Brand private view and panel discussion

25th March: Photography class with Olive Branch Arts

28th March: Closing event, photography class work exhibition and Workshop Be you and speak up by Clémence Vazard



21st March: Our future cities: How art, design and technology will shape our cities

25th March: Homelessness: A city failing its citizens

(Date TBC): Climate change: The social injustice of an environmental emergency



The exhibition will run 11th March – 29th March 2019 and it will feature MTArt artists Clémence Vazard and Adelaide Damoah. For any information about the exhibition contact

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