36 Golden Square, London W1F 9JX | 11th January – 31st January, 2019

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Visual Diet

M&C Saatchi partners with Rankin and MTArt Agency to launch VISUAL DIET, 
a campaign exploring the impact of imagery on our mental health.


M&C Saatchi
36 Golden Square, London W1F 9JX


11th January – 31st January 2019

What’s your diet? Wholesome, healthy, naughty, gluttonous? What’s your visual diet? Narcissistic, addictive, sexualised, retouched?


We are force-fed tens of thousands of images every day. Many of these hyper-retouched, sexually gratuitous and highly addictive. We want to make people aware that, just like you are what you eat, what you see affects your mental health. Through this campaign, we aim to promote a balanced visual diet to prevent our audience from binging on overly-processed, body and mind -negative content.


The initiative is being led by Mimi Gray, Head of Visual Content at M&C Saatchi and partners with Marine Tanguy of MTArt Agency, an award-winning agency for the world's most exciting up and coming visual artists and world-renowned British Photographer Rankin, who believes that selfie culture is both monotonous and dangerous. 

The health of our visual diet and its impact on our mental health will be explored at a forthcoming panel and exhibition to be hosted at the agency on 24 January.



The exhibition will run 11th January – 31st January 2019 and it will feature five artists, including Adelaide Damoah and Clemence Vazard. For any information about the exhibition contact

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