Start up culture has emerged over the last two decades as arguably the most powerful economic force of the century.


Entrepreneurship stands for creating something never before imagined: something born from a personal passion, an inspiration and a drive that can’t be stopped. Those who recognise blank canvases as opportunity. Those who are set apart by their innate curiosity, their courage and determination to throw paint onto a white surface and see where it takes them. These individuals have guts – the resolution to make a difference.


Standing for boldness, collaboration and creativity, it is hard not to notice the correlation between artist and entrepreneur. Creative pioneers, in the spirit of disruption, are idea driven and fuelled by passion. They are not only visionaries but they get things done. Great ideas generate more ideas. Game changing philosophies encourage innovation and provide inspiration.


Artist and visionaries lend a voice to the unspoken: the resiliency of the human spirit in the face of odds. We all have the capacity to create something unique, be it music, sculpture, technology, a business. Imagination is survival.


The cross pollination of fields encourages interaction across sectors. Rather than starting from scratch, this generation has learnt to use what we have. The re-appropriation of space has become key to today’s creative. Without the benefit of abundant funding, we have learnt to take what we have, to use it and to make it better.


Melt week, MTArt’s upcoming project, is born from this desire to integrate art within the existing cityscape. It represents a mutual endorsement of creativity, a cross section of visionaries across various fields. The project will re-inject culture into the venues that surround us. It involves pioneers, corporates, institutions and, of course, entrepreneurs.


A list of participants will be promoted through a digital map: a map that is much more than just a map. A map that becomes a social commentary, a catalogue of our city and the culture it holds, underlying but nonetheless omnipresent. More than a one-dimensional piece, it is a conversation: a way of engaging, bringing together and bringing to life.


The human mind is not linear - it is unruly, driven by an assortment of associations, thoughts, memories and images. The project and its projection are designed to reflect this malleable quality. They represent progress.


Taking the notion of the ‘flaneur’, an uninvolved but highly perceptive dilettante, walking the city street now has a different purpose. Melt promotes interaction, involvement and evaluation. Walking corresponds to advancing, stepping forward. See the city through a new perspective: a world #poweredbyartists.